Thursday, January 14, 2016

About Creative and Confident Kids

Welcome to Creative and Confident Kids Tutoring,

Point Cook, Victoria, 3030

We are unique literacy educational service that brings specialised support for your child to build confidence and skills in their school work

We operate from a therapeutic home based office in Point Cook. 

Lisa is the owner and Operator and has had over 20 years of experience with supporting children.

About Our Service:

We are passionate about one to one learning with children and supporting parents in their role in supporting their child.

We offer creative and interactive lessons that meet the needs of the learner, in the area of English literacy, reading and writing.

We love the challenge of working one-on-one with students to make learning fun, exciting and rewarding.

Lisa is a registered Primary teacher in Victoria and has a background in Occupational Therapy specialising with children who need confidence and literacy skills developed within the context of school work.

Does your child struggle with any of these areas:

  • Confidence or enjoyment in reading or writing?
  • Producing legible handwriting?
  • Managing fine motor skills?
  • Keeping up with the class level reading and spelling?
  • Developing ideas and then putting it down on paper?
  • As a parent are you unsure how to support your child who is struggling with literacy skills at school?

We specialise in the following skill areas and underlying abilities:

Fine motor skills:
  • Development of fine motor,
  • Pencil grip,
  • Functional use of pencil and scissors and learning to cut
  • Left –handed techniques.

  • Pencil grip
  • Letter formation
  • Letter sizing
  • Spaces and hitting the line

Writing Skills:
  • Punctuation skills
  • Spelling games/strategies
  • Grammar
  • Creating ideas and putting them on paper
  • Developing competence in writing using various text-types.

Reading Skills:
  • Phonics
  • Accuracy
  • Expression
  • Speed
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension of text
  • Developing a confident reader.

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