About our Service

Does your child struggle in any of these areas:

  • Confidence or enjoyment in reading or writing?
  • Producing legible handwriting?
  • Managing fine motor skills?
  • Keeping up with the class level reading and spelling?
  • Developing ideas and then putting it down on paper?
  • As a parent are you unsure how to support your child who is struggling with literacy skills at school.

We specialise in the following skill areas and underlying abilities: 

  • Fine motor skills development:  Pencil grip, Use of scissors and learning to cut and Left –handed techniques.
  • Handwriting: Pencil grip, Letter formation, letter sizing, spaces and hitting the line 
  • Writing Skills: Punctuation skills, spelling games/strategies, grammar, creating ideas and putting them on paper using various text-types.
  • Reading Skills: Phonics, accuracy, expression, speed and comprehension and developing a confident reader.
All photos are original shots taken by Lisa

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